Looking through my library of pictures I came across a few non-animal pictures and thought you might like to see them.

I had forgotten I had done these way before I started doing paintings of dogs and cows in such a big way. 

They were really rather fun. 

I have even added a drawing done by my daughter Hannah, who is also an artist in her spare time. Apart from being a mum to two bouncy little girls, she is also a Portage Worker and spends her time with lovely little children who have Special Educational Needs. Her talents come in very handy for her job. 

She drew a picture of an elephant and we couldn't resist having it for ourselves. Prints of this lovely picture are available in three sizes and if you want a poster, just drop me a line and I can sort it out for you. Prices and sizes are the same as all the other pictures. 

Hope you like them.