Decided to rehash my Poster mailing prices for overseas. They are a real killer from the UK. After many pieces of paper and scratchings out and big BIG sums I have managed to drop the shipping and handling to £9.01. This means the A2 size is a total of £27 and the whopping A1 size is £32. By the time fees and costs and postage is paid there is not a great deal left for my piggy bank. 

Hope this helps some of you. 

The posters are listed separately but do take a look as they are really rather scrumptious in their silky, satin finish. 

I have been working on a video of me painting a dog. Just got to work out how to edit it as there are a lot of bits doing nothing where I am obviously deep in "think" mode. Watch this space. If its any good I shall attempt to upload it. 

Off for a cuppa now.