Have put on three new images over the past few days, two of them today. 

I love discovering new, crazy pics of animals that make me chuckle. Or sometimes its just the way the light catches them or the way they look at you. Eyes are so expressive especially in dogs. 

One is a gorgeous new Greyhound who definitely looks mighty handsome with his new Rainbow Makeover. 

The second is a Loopy Labradoodle with a wonderful snoot and amazing eyes. He looks soooo cuddly, rather like an overgrown teddy bear. 

And lastly a stunning Red Labrador gazing out of a window.... possibly checking out the squirrel population judging by his alert stance and the concerned look in his sparkly eye. 

I hope you like them. 

They are all available as prints in A3, A4 and mounted 5x7inch size and also whopping luscious posters in A2 and A1 size, which look absolutely stunning on the wall in a simple acrylic frameless frame. 

Weather here has been incredibly soggy so a good excuse to stay indoors and do a nice drop of painting and drawing. 

Hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are and whatever the weather. 

Josie P