I used to do lots of commissions but stopped a while ago mainly because I became very busy with just organising the print/poster/canvas sales.

However, I am constantly asked if I do pet portraits so eventually I gave in and started painting more commissions recently and I have to say I am enjoying it once again!!

A few things need to be explained tho because a lot of folk don't always realise what its all about. 

An original painting is just that. The SUBJECT may be painted many times but each PAINTING is an original. A real painting. NOT a Print or a Poster Print or a Canvas Print, all of which are reproductions of the ORIGINAL painting. 

This is why the Prints are so much cheaper and the Original costs much more. 

Copyright of ANY of my paintings is solely mine and cannot be breached by anybody taking the image and either selling it as their own (this has been done to me...!!) or items of any description being made using my images, even for personal use or sold for charity. It is illegal. Simple as that. 

If you want a picture of your lovely pet PLEASE send at least five good, clear, large photos showing eyes, nose and ears CLEARLY. I cannot stress the importance of this. Your photo is just a reminder to you of all the wonderful faces and poses that your pet had. You know them inside out. I don't know them at all.  I rely totally on the photo to tell me the personality of your pet as well as colour and markings and expression and all those important details which make them special to you. I can only copy the photo. If the photo is unclear it really is impossible to work with anyway. 

My prices are as follows: 

A4 (8.3 x 11.7inches)  =   £80

A3 (11.7 x 16.5inches) =  £130

Postage is always tracked and insured and items are sent in a postal tube for protection. 

For the UK it is £10 and for overseas it is £15. This includes packaging and handling too. 

Please email me on: 


and attach your photos (one at a time if they are a large file) together with your name, address and phone number and the size you would like, also whether you would like a watercolour or a pastel. 

Please take a look at my shop and get an idea of the kind of painting you would like. Whether it has a rainbow makeover, or a more realistic look please let me know. 

Look forward to hearing from you.